ASB’s Inclusion Week


CdM students line up to get popcorn and cotton candy, while using this time to socialize. Photo courtesy of Kaydence Osgood, edited using PicsArt

Kaydence Osgood, Journalist

Every year CdM’s ASB hosts Inclusion week that ends with an Inclusion carnival. This year’s message was “Treat people how you want to be treated,” or more commonly known as “The Golden rule.” The purpose of the week, in the words of Junior Ashely Packard that is apart of ASB’s recreational activities staff and helped plan the event, was to press the idea that students shouldn’t be “… separating each different group of students in the school, [but] more of treating everybody the same because that’s just how it should be.”


During the week, there were posters around campus reminding students to be inclusive and to live by “The Golden rule”. There was also a video on Trident TV explaining what was going on during the week and reminding students what the goal was. On Friday, students could go to the high school quad and find various carnival-like activities to do with others. There was a game of basketball going open to all, as well as a giant Jenga set, and cornhole. ASB also provided a multitude of snacks, including popcorn, cotton candy, cookies, and popsicles. Junior Tristan Draper, who was at the event, stated that “It’s really fun. The line for food is really long, as always for any carnival. It looks like a fun time at basketball right now and Jenga looks really fun… it’s a fun opportunity for everyone to bond and get more friendships.”


On a more personal note, Packard thinks that Inclusion week is a “… reminder of, as students and ASB, what we should be doing and how we should be acting all the time. It’s just important to highlight [inclusivity], I think, because we all get caught up and lost in whatever else we’re doing.” Draper feels that “It’s really nice, because I remember in my school we didn’t have [Inclusion week]… this is super nice where you can get more friends and feel included in something.”