The Perfect Vacation


A close-up photo of Mammoth Lakes’ water. Photo courtesy of @perspectivepicture on Unsplash.

Olivia Clarke

With winter break on its way, students are sharing where they are going to travel for the holiday season. Whether it’s somewhere out of the country, or somewhere in California, there are some truly amazing places to see and experience.


Reestyn Boucher is a freshman who likes to keep it close to home. Well, a six-hour drive away from home.  “My favorite place that I have traveled to is probably Mammoth because it’s fun to experience a different climate while being in the same state,” she shares. Mammoth Lakes has many different activities for visitors to try during their stay, some of which include; hiking, backpacking, swimming, biking, kayaking, and more. Boucher also says, “I love to ski and Mammoth has great slopes for that.”


For those who aren’t so fond of the wintertime, escaping to a warm paradise during the colder months is the dream. Florida has some of the best beaches for just that. One of Florida’s most popular beaches, Siesta Key Beach, offers snorkeling, freediving, and scuba diving. While doing any of those activities, ocean lovers can expect to see turtles, manatees, dolphins, and even stingrays. At the beach, tourists can also paraglide over the crystal clear waters. Outside of the beach, Siesta Key has a village and farmer’s market to shop.


Freshman Matisse Roberston’s go-to destination location is Southern Spain. She and her family went to Spain for three entire months and did a variety of fun things during the trip. “There was an awesome aquarium, zoo, and a ropes course that was also by the beach that we could go to every day.” Southern Spain is also popular for its stunning architecture, beautiful hiking trails, and some very impressive lakes. Although winter break is not three months long, it is enough time to explore and be immersed in any of these amazing vacation spots.