Jeffrey Dahmer: The new horrendous October 2022 trend


Photo courtesy of Netflix

Lily Wagner, Journalist

Every October there is always a new thing in store for people around the world. Either a new show coming out on Netflix or a brand-new video game. Among Us getting left in 2020 and Squid Game in 2021 became the past because a new show launched on Netflix. The new show is called Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

The show was made to inform viewers of how painful Dahmer’s life was when he was merely a child. He was very distant from his family leading to not having a mother nor father figure to guide him through his childhood and teenage years. By the time Dahmer was 13 years old he had no friends and nobody to talk to which lead to many very dark thoughts mustering inside his head. His dark fantasies were about murder and necrophilia. All of these horrors eventually led up to his very first murder when he was almost 19 in 1978. He killed a hitchhiker named Steven Mark Hicks who was also the same age as Dahmer. Sadly, Dahmer never got caught after this horrifying murder and nobody found out. Eventually, when he murdered his final 17th victim, Joseph Bradehoft at the age of 25 he was caught red-handed in his Milwaukee apartment. Based on his old records Dahmer was sentenced to death on February 17, 1992.


October 2022’s new trend is a whole other level because this is not something made up from the screenwriter’s head. This is all true, unlike Squid Game. “I think it is a really random trend I usually think of trends like clothing items or something in a fashion type of sense.” thinks Kris Villaluz. “I think it’s kind of weird that we are talking about a person or a crime or things that he did illegally as a trend. Usually, trends are things that you follow and I really hope nobody would follow in his footsteps because of everything that happened.” People dressing up as Jeffrey Dahmer is outrageous because people tend to follow new trend like sheep and they would be dressing up as a murderer for Halloween, which is definitely spooky. If people are dressing up as Dahmer it means they are either following a very immature trend or they really look up to this murderer and want to follow in his footsteps which is super scary and psychotic. “I think Jeffery Dahmer is an interesting person to delve into, especially during the Halloween season, however I found the idea of people dressing up as him arrogant and stupid. I mean, I heard the show was great. Dahmer is a serial killer though, that’s what people keep forgetting. Sure it’s ‘entertainment’ to people and fits with the theme but unlike most Halloween trends, this one was a real man who actually did this stuff” says Rafa Macansantos. Hopefully more people agree with Villaluz and Macansantos’s opinions because these two know it’s not appropriate to admire a serial killer.


Many people have different opinions on this topic, but the point is that people are just following in this trend which neglects the fact that this documentary was made to help people learn from Dahmer’s mistakes, not get entranced by his actions.