Actor Leslie Jordan, 67, Dies in Car Accident


Leslie Jordan, photographed by Fox Media. Photo courtesy of Fox via NBC.

Nadia Khazei, Journalist

Actor, musician, and comedian Leslie Jordan, 67, was pronounced dead on October 24 following a car crash in Hollywood, California. Jordan, best known for his roles in “Will and Grace,” “The Cool Kids,” and “American Horror Story,” was also a beloved social media sensation and exciting personality that many appreciated and became attached to.


Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee to Allen and Peggy Anne Jordan on April 29, 1955, he demonstrated a penchant for making people laugh and decided to pursue television acting. Jordan’s career in the entertainment industry began with commercials, becoming recurring figures for PIP Printing and Taco Bell advertisements. Due to his height, thick accent, and queerness, he had trouble landing roles until 1986, when he received guest spots on “Murphy Brown” and recurring roles on “Top of the Heap” and “Hearts Afire” as well as other programs.


Jordan’s comedic ability was not overlooked, as many of his roles were in sitcoms and other comedies. “He was a hilarious guy,” says junior Aidan Tate. “his ability to make people laugh…was truly astonishing.”


Though he began receiving fame and more roles, Jordan’s life was plagued by addictions to alcohol and methamphetamines. At 42, he was able to break these addictions and continued to pursue acting, landing his Emmy-winning role as Beverley Leslie in “Will and Grace.”


Jordan’s social media fame came during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown when posting videos of him living his life suddenly became viral, causing him to amass large numbers of new fans and followers. The videos, depicting occurrences from his life with a silly twist were comedic and proved to be a bright spot in a dark time for many. They quickly gained traction online and led to a new era of mainstream fame for the actor. Fans were attracted to Jordan’s videos due to their relatability and comedy. Whether he was telling a story about his life or simply talking about a topic, people found solace in his candor and ability to put a smile on their faces.


While driving around Hollywood, Jordan lost control of the wheel and collided with a building. His death was felt by many in his life and outside of it. “I miss that man,” said senior Meriam Chebil when asked about how she felt about Jordan’s death. “I miss him so much.”