Senator Dave Min and Councilwoman Joy Brenner Visit CdM Speech & Debate


Students shift their heads ever so slightly from left to right in order to show their utmost attention toward Senator Dave Min and Councilwoman Joy Brenner.

Britta Wolker, Journalist

To kick off the new year, Speech & Debate has been adamant about holding meetings that stay focused on one very crucial skill: nailing down the official structure of the Junior State of America debate conferences. One of the most challenging elements of a perfect speech is being able to effectively utilize time constraints to form a well-crafted argument, line of reasoning through the usage of facts and individual rationale, as well as prepare a closing that leaves the audience sure of their vote for Best Speaker and Best Resolution. Board members are in charge of allowing their team to practice these skills by creating different types of games and exciting debate formats. However, on some nights, Speech and Debate will invite influential guest speakers to make a presentation in which they talk about their occupation as well as answer questions the audience may have.


This past Tuesday, Senator Dave Min, the Democratic senator for California’s 37th Senate district, was welcomed to the panel. An American attorney, professor, and politician, Min emphasized the importance of participating in academic teams such as Speech & Debate, Model United Nations, and Mock Trial. Min spoke about his job as Senator, including the many ways in which he uses public speaking skills in his everyday life. For every voice that isn’t heard —the homeless, disabled, or minority groups —Min’s job as senator requires him to represent the west and southwest communities of Los Angeles County, as well as parts of Orange County. Min’s position as senator includes passing legislation, approving presidential appointees, and overseeing government actions. However, what made his speech most powerful was his ability to communicate with a group of curious students striving to leave an impact on the world. Team Captain, senior Omid Asadi, expressed genuine content with reference to the meeting: “everyone is listening and is showing their utmost respect. I couldn’t be happier; I’m proud to be able to call this a real academic team that will undoubtedly uphold our reputation.” Asadi walked away with a smile, working his way through the isles of the Lecture Hall to maintain order.


Council Member Joy Brenner, fifty-seven year resident, is a community leader and consensus builder who moved to Corona del Mar when she was a freshman in high school. Brenner was Corona del Mar’s first graduating class, laughing as she remembered her first year at Cdm: “we were all juniors, the only grade at the time.” Min and Brenner were able to reconnect on their shared panel, putting together an intriguing presentation which exemplified the beauty of diplomacy —the art and science of maintaining peaceful relationships between nations, groups, or individuals. The words of both of the guest speakers reminded students that their opportunity to find success someday in the future is limitless, senior John Kim was satisfied with “the charisma Senator Min and Councilwoman Brenner had when speaking to a group of young people.” You could tell they’re people who truly love what they do.” As the two guest speakers rose to leave at 8 o’clock, a loud echo of applause followed them right out the door.