The Honeymoon Phase of School…does it have one??


Picture of Balboa’s docks. Photo courtesy Alexis Briggeman

Alexis Briggeman, Journalist

August 1st as Sea Kings walk into Target they notice something different, something off about the usual red and white balance. They focus their attention upward and their eyes catch on a yellow pencil cutout with the words “Back to School” scribbled across it. As they recenter their vision they notice buckets of pens, themed backpacks, binders, and notebooks strewn across the back of the wall with the word “Special” slapped upon them. A feeling of nausea combined with nostalgia arises within them. It is back to school season, a beautiful time in California where temperatures reach all time highs and students trade days at the beach for those in a classroom.


The rest of August comes and goes as the school year begins. The first week is filled with syllabuses and exhilarating trips to Staples with an objective to track down the perfect pens and calculators but then the second week begins and as Senior Yasmeen Kallel says, “The honeymoon phase ends for juniors and seniors as AP classes begin to pick up.” A week of “easing into it” turns into “full speed ahead” for many Sea King upperclassmen. However for many the honeymoon phase is thought to end later, Senior Maggie Marr claims the honeymoon phase ends in October when, “…everything gets hard and there’s deadlines and then things start to get stressful.”


There is something unique about the back to school season: watching summer fade to fall, the beginning of football season, new pencils, and the well anticipated release of Starbucks fall drinks. However this excitement does come to an end and the general consensus is that the joyful sentiment that makes up September seems to cede into a monotonous routine as October rolls around. Though there is much to look forward to in October as the holiday season begins with Halloween and football season begins to ramp up.