Back to School Night


Los Angeles Times via Getty Imag

Photo of a sign of the school in front of the attendance office. Photo courtesy of Don Bartletti on GettyImages.

Katherine Popper, Journalism

Another school year means another back-to-school night. Not only do parents get to find out if their kid’s teacher is really how they are portrayed, but parents also get to see performances put on by various groups from the school.


From choir to drumline, CdM features a bunch of amazing student groups to kick off the night with a performance by the school’s Madrigals choir singing The Star Spangled Banner. A senior in the choir, Alex Venanzi, agrees that participation from student groups “definitely showcases what CdM’s potential is, especially in the arts, and is also beneficial for students to show the parents.” The school’s cheer and song team also put on an exemplary display of their skills. Maddie Braun, one of the captains of the cheerleading team, thinks that the entertainment at the beginning of the night, “raises a lot of pep, and spirit for the school and that they get the parents excited.”


Of course, the main focus of the event is to initiate interaction between teachers and parents. Back-to-school night is a great way for teachers to outline the expectations of their class, as well as to give parents a better understanding of what their student’s year ahead looks like. Ms. Beckman, the dance teacher at CdM, and one of the coaches of the school’s pep squad shares that she “tries to make the rules, and expectations really, really clear. Because sometimes that message can get lost from the student to the parent.” Simply spewing out a bunch of expectations is not the only part of back-to-school night, however. Beckman also claims that the phrase “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” can often be easily applied to the world when meeting the parents of her lovely students. Overall, back-to-school night brought together the school’s community to shine a positive light on the coming experiences, lessons, and growth that students will experience during the upcoming year.