Teacher Appreciation Week


Above are some of the posters hung around campus, as well as some of the individualized posters each of the teachers got. In the middle is the donuts ASB put in the teacher’s lounge. Photos courtesy of Kaydence Osgood, collaged together and edited using InShot.

Summer Perry and Kaydence Osgood

With every class, they teach and every student they welcome into their class, the teachers at CdM strive to inspire and go the extra mile for their students. To appreciate them, CdM celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week which went on from May 2nd to May 6th. Being put right in the middle of AP exams, Teacher Appreciation Week was also meant to “boost [teachers] spirits…[since] it’s not only hard on the students, but it’s a lot of work for the teachers too” says Kyra Gregory a Junior here at CdM and the Commissioner of Recognition for Staff/Students for ASB.

To start the week, ASB aired a Trident TV video that interviewed students who expressed their eternal gratitude for the teachers that have made an impact on them. ASB then went on to decorate the hallways and doors with colorful posters that highlighted all the teachers and staff who each individually help make CdM a better place. Set up in the staff lounge, sticky notes with short messages on them were hung on Wednesday morning which unfortunately did not upstage the donuts placed at the center of the room. At the end of the exciting week-long event, ASB finally brought back the annual tradition of washing the windows of the staff’s cars.

Talking about one of her favorite teachers, Kyra Gregory believes that Mrs. Palmer “does such a great job of always being there for her students to help them out and make sure they’re understanding what they’re learning.” She then went on to express her appreciation for Mrs.Yennie by saying that “she has so much knowledge to share with her students and she is very thorough and wants to share her knowledge with everyone.”

Taya Maslova a Sophomore at CdM speaks about her experience with the teachers at CdM by remembering her arrival to CdM from Russia and how “[she] loved how Miss. Gastil, the math teacher from middle school, taught [her] how to do the American system of math.” Coming from Russia she expressed that she only “[knew] how [they] used to do it in Russia which is very different.” This incredible change for Maslova was made easier by both Miss. Gastil and Mrs. Ngo as she communicated that she appreciates “Mrs. Ngo because she’s so respectful and calm with [her] even if [she doesn’t] get something.”

Although ASB may have shown their appreciation in their own way, Sophomore Brode Beckman tries to show his appreciation by “complementing [his teachers] and thanking them for what they do.” He also adds to this by “giving them a letter or something just to be nice and thank them for all the hard work they do for [the students].”

CdM’s Teacher Appreciation Week was a great success that showcased just how much teachers do for their students. Teaching the future generation is not always easy but for them, anything is possible as long as students give them a break from time to time.

Trident appreciates all of CdM’s teachers and thanks to them for all the amazing work that they do for the school!