Wellness Week


Addie Briggeman ‘25 and Reese Olson ‘23 serving popcorn on Friday. Photo courtesy of Kaydence Osgood.

Kaydence Osgood, Journalist

ASB’s Wellness Week was the week of April 25th to April 29th. The purpose of the week was “To help people feel better about where they are in life and help them cope with stress or anxiety coming up with AP exams and finals and the end of the year. Just helping people kind of feel at peace,” stated On Wednesday, at the Earth Day Fair, there was a table with Mrs. Shepherd’s kids. They talked to people about the gardens they have been managing around campus, tips on how to maintain a garden, as well as the psychological benefits of gardening. On Friday there was supposed to be a movie and popcorn in the ASB room, but due to some difficulties, the movie wasn’t shown. Despite the setback, they still served popcorn and created a fun environment for students. “I feel happy; my friends are here, the people serving [popcorn] are nice…it’s fun to get together with your friends like this and just come to events. I didn’t realize what was happening per se, one of my friends knew so we came here,” Junior Cooper Blackband responded when asked how Friday’s event was helping with his overall wellbeing.


Briggeman recommends “Finding activities that can help you distract [yourself] from something that’s stressing you out at the moment. That can be like reading or gardening or watching a movie or cooking something. Just anything to help divert or distract [you] and then you can come back to what you were doing when you’re feeling less stressed out,” to help with overall mental wellbeing. A personal mantra of Briggeman’s is “Everything passes and that sometimes you need to figure out what’s stressing you out and then deal with that first before you can deal with other things because then you will have a clearer and more [positive mindset.”