ASB’s Inclusion Week


Kaydence Osgood, Journalist

ASB’s Inclusion Week was the week of March 7th to March 11th. The week was put on to spread the importance of accepting others, no matter who they are. “The goal of this week is just to remind everybody that it’s very important to eb inclusive. I mean that everyone deserves to be included and I think that the best school campuses, and the most productive and happy school campuses, are those that are united,” stated Kyra Gregory, an 11th-grade ASB member who is the Commissioner of Recognition for staff and students.


As a part of the week, ASB interviewed a few clubs that promote inclusion about how they help foster inclusion on campus and how other students can be inclusive. The interviews aired on Trident TV. They also posted inclusion challenges on the ASB social media that encouraged students to reach out to people they didn’t already know.


On Friday, from 6 pm to 8 pm, ASB put on a carnival. The carnival was free to go to and, “…it’s [was] a good opportunity to get to know everyone on campus,” Gregory described. At the carnival, there was food and games that were free to anyone who showed up. They had some music playing in the background and toward the middle of the evening they unveiled the new “Buddy Bench”. The bench was sponsored by the Patrick’s Purpose Foundation and reads, “‘Be nice to everyone, most importantly, be inclusive,’” a quote used by the late Patrick Turner. The bench is supposed to be a place for any students looking for someone to sit with or talk to, to sit at, and for other students to go sit with them. TJ Doherty, an 11th-grade student who attended the carnival, stated his favorite part was the, “… action around the cotton candy. It feels really cool because a lot of people that I’ve never seen talk to each other are hanging around the candy, and getting candy for each other.” Pictured above are some of the games and food, the bench, a photo booth, and the inclusion week poster that was up all week.