Friendship Week


Photos courtesy of Kaydence Osgood, posters were made by PAL, photos were collaged together using InShot, and edited on VSCO.

Kaydence Osgood, Journalist

Friendship Week was the week of 1/31 to 2/04. Peer Assistant Leadership (PAL) members Caroline Carvelli, Maria Dahl, and Megan Martodam were in charge of the week. It was put on to spread the importance of friendship and kindness towards others. Carvelli stated “We just want to promote friendship. We know a lot of people at CdM get left out and friendship is such an important aspect of life and we really want to promote it.” Dahl added that the goal was for people to “…be good friends to the friends they already have. To be more open to meeting new people.”


Throughout the week there were posters in the 200 and 300 buildings encouraging students to be kind to their friends and others (a few are pictured above). On Thursday during the break between the first and third period, PAL held a poster signing in the quad (pictured in the top corner above). The signing gave students the opportunity to write their friends’ names on a post-it note and put it on the poster to show their appreciation for them.


Carvelli had some advice for students trying to be friendly or kind, “Make it an important aspect of your life because fostering friendships is just so important in mental health, physical health, and everything. Being alone can get in your mind and everything becomes so hard. But, when you have friends there for you, and friends that have your back, life becomes so much easier. So keep your friends in your life, but make sure to regulate it because having toxic friends is also not great.” Dahls’ advice is “Stay off your phone in the hallway, talk to people in your classes, and be more involved in clubs or sports.”


For students still trying to make friends, Carvelli advises to “…keep trying, I know it can be so hard. Especially if you’re a new student or after COVID. It was so hard being online so I just say keep trying. Go to things, like PAL things, where you can meet new people. There are so many opportunities at school and outside of school where you can meet people.”