HRC’s “Be Kind To Your Mind” Mental Health Week


Photo courtesy of Summer Perry, edited through Picsart. 

Summer Perry, Journalist

From Monday, January 10th to Friday, January 14th HRC held “Be Kind To Your Mind” week and expressed the importance of mental health to the CdM community. HRC set out for the week to “focus on recognizing the signs of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression”, says HRC member Yasmeen Kallel, Junior at CdM.

With last year in mind, Yasmeen Kallel thinks back to the times where “[everyone was] on zoom for the duration of HRC’s “Be Kind To Your Mind” campaign so HRC had a much bigger focus on social media to let students know that the campaign was happening.” Now that they had a chance to personally speak to students and influence them on the matter of mental health Yasmeen expresses how “[HRC] used posters on campus, trident TV videos, wristbands/class presentations, as well as social media posts to let students know about the campaign and get them involved.”

Asking the question of how influential the week is to students, Yasmeen communicated that “Be Kind To Your Mind” week is definitely an influential campaign on campus because almost every student can relate to battling mental illness.” She then continued to say, “whether it’s stress, anxiety, depression, or any other mental illness, these issues are unfortunately increasingly common in our age group.”

Seeing that COVID has changed the world tremendously, Nika Aydin, Junior at CdM and member of HRC recognized the fact that “mental health has been ramped up due to COVID and more people have been struggling with it.” For this reason, the Human Relations Council (HRC) chose to add another week for the sake of showing students to “learn all the resources available to them,” said Nika. Thank you, HRC for all your efforts to make the CdM community into a more loving and comfortable environment for students!

Look next week to hear from the Human Relations Council (HRC) yet again on the topic of eating disorders and just how far the love for yourself before others goes!