ASB’s Kindness Week


Photo courtesy of Kaydence Osgood, edited using VSCO.

Kaydence Osgood, Journalist

November 15th to November 19th was Kindness Week at CdM. The week was put on by ASB in hopes to spread positivity and happiness around campus. ASB member Kyra Gregory, who is a part of the commissioner of recognition staff, stated, “The goal is to brighten people’s days in any way that we can. In [our] world… there is definitely a lot of scary things going on and if there’s any way that you can spread kindness, then that’s what we’re trying to push. [We’re] trying to encourage other students to be kind no matter what’s going on… and create a more inclusive space.”


Throughout the week ASB had posters up around campus (some are pictured above) not only with kind sayings, but encouraging kindness among students. ASB also went around doing selfless acts of kindness, such as leaving Post-it notes on lockers, cars, and other places around school with short, kind, words. On Thursday they also had a poster signing where students could pledge to be kind (pictured in the middle above).


During the interview, a few ways people can spread kindness were brought up. Gregory revealed, “I really try to reach out to anyone who looks like they might need somebody to sit with at lunch…and I feel like I’m just really open to new people.” She later recommended, “…giving people the benefit of the doubt all the time and always being kind, like making that your default.” Marly Paul, another ASB member on the committee of recognition, said, “…it’s not that difficult every day [to] walk by someone else and smile or just look them in the eyes, just show them acknowledgment.” They also both noted the importance of being kind all the time and not just during events like Kindness Week.

Kindness Week is a campaign that ASB runs every year.