College Fair


Ryleigh Snow, Journalist

On Wednesday the 13th, around 30 well-known colleges came to visit Corona Del Mar high school at lunch, and give a little info on the colleges each representative was from. This was a beneficial event for seniors deciding which colleges to apply to, and for Juniors who want a good head start. Some of the colleges that came to visit included: Baylor, Ohio State University, Oregon State, Boulder Colorado, University of Hawaii, Arizona State University, and so many more. When students walked up to the table, the representative from that school gave a brief description of the school and answered any questions the students had. Then the students had the opportunity to fill out a card to get more information about that specific college, that they would receive in the mail.

    The turnout of students was great, and hopefully, many Juniors and Seniors got a better idea of where they wanted to apply to college. A helpful thing that most colleges had was a list of the majors they offer for kids to look over and make sure the subject they wanted to major in was offered at that school. One college that had a great layout on their table was Ohio State University, with pamphlets, stickers, info cards, and campus maps. This made the students feel more connected to a college that is far away.

    College can be a stressful topic for many students at CdM, and around the world, but events like this are intended to ease the anxiety. CdM also has resources all the time for college help, counseling, and even advice, and the best person to talk to would be “Mamma Marry” who is mostly found in CdM’s LRC. Students who happened to miss the college fair on Wednesday can always find their information on the home page of the college’s websites!