A Bright Outlook for Summer 2021


Hunter Lejano, Journalist

Due to the predicted increase in Covid-19 cases last summer, many strict regulations that advised against the visiting the beach arose which disrupted typical summer plans for teens and adults. With many parents being skeptical about their children going out to the beach, many teens were stuck at home most of the time trying new TikTok trends, like dying their hair, doing at-home workouts, or attempting to make a variety of viral TikTok drinks. It seemed like girls and boys everywhere were stuck with only doing some tanning and limited sports. But enough agonizing over the possibilities of last summer, junior Dakota Lobel expressed her excitement for this upcoming summer when she said that “Making these new friends closer to the end of the year makes me so happy and excited to spend this summer with them. Now with basically everything open, the vaccination, and the fewer mask restrictions, we can do normal things again.” Lobel makes a true statement as now movie theaters are open again, concerts are coming back, and more and more people are just out and about. So many normal activities seem new again from the start of this year and now that summer is just around the corner students can actually focus on having fun and relaxing in this new, normal environment. “There’s so many activities I’m looking forward to this summer like going to Disneyland with my friends, concerts like Rolling Loud is back, and even just chillin on a boat with people I enjoy hanging out with,” Lobel adds. So be spontaneous this summer, worry less and instead appreciate all the things you can do this summer that you wouldn’t have been able to do last summer.

When asking Dakota what her summer schedule looks like she answers with, “probably sleeping in until three PM, spending almost everyday with my friends, taking a couple trips out of town, and spending most of my time in my bikini either at the beach or pool.” This would be Lobel’s summer before senior year and in her words, “all of this has passed by so fast, I wish I could rewind and pause in some places I had in my life because now that it already went by I realized I should’ve appreciated those moments then.” Her advice is to have fun doing and appreciating moments this summer because just like two summers ago, it could all go away and close down again.