Sea Queen vs Griffins

Anabelle Taylor, Journalist

Thursday, April 29, CdM Junior varsity girl’s soccer played Los
Alamitos High School Griffins. The got off on an exciting start, four
minutes into the game, number 21 on Los Alamitos took a shot on goal
that hit the outside of the goal’s net. There was some debate in the
stadium as to whether or not the goal went in, but the official ruling
was: no it did not. Los Alamitos dominated the game. The Corona del
Mar girls did a great job on defense. Especially Kellie Brown, the
goalie, who stopped seven Griffin goals. One block was particularly
impressive, where Los Alamitos’s goalie punted the ball over thirty
yards to number 19 who took a shot on goal only to be blocked by
Kellie. Brown had an incredible game considering that the last game
CdM junior varsity girls played, she got a concussion. CdM’s defensive
had two other notable moments. first, was when the ball flew over most
of the team’s head towards CdM goal. Number 24 on Los Alamitos ran
with the ball and had a good shot at the goal, but she didn’t get the
chance because Evelyn (Evie) Taylor CdM’s number 35 pushed her out of
bounds. The second notable moment happened just before the end of the
first half. Number 21 on Los Alamitos had an open shoot at goal and
hit the left goal post. The ball, mere feet from the goal, ricocheted
to number 5 on Los Al, but number five hit the ball over the goal.
Although, the girl’s couldn’t save them all, in the first half Los
Alamitos scored a goal (assist by #7), and the half ended 1-0 Los Al.
During half- time, CdM coach Mike told the team to communicate more
and connect together as a team. The second half started with a good
sign for CdM- the girls had the sun to their backs instead of in their
eyes like the last half. The sea queens did have a better second half,
they took 5 shots on goal, but unluckily they didn’t go in. The next
goal by the Griffins was made by number 19 after a assist.The third
goal from Los Alamitos was after a foul by CdM, number three on Los
Alamitos took a foul shot 20 feet from goal, and made it.
In the end, CdM had 7 fouls, Los Alamitos had 10 fouls, CdM had five
attempts on goal, and Los Alamitos had eight attempts on goal.
Compared to their previous games of the season, the girls thought they
did a lot, but still had some things to improve on. Shea Blande
pointed out that with every game, they learn more about each other and
how each of them plays and they are able to work better has a team the
more they know each other. Kate Nowak agreed with Blande and commented
on how it’s noticeable that they are bonding better as a team. Clearly
these two players are right because they used to loose eight to zero,
and three to zero is a big improvement. After how the team played,
Sarah Fitzsimons thinks that coach will work on aggression next
practice which was mostly lacking this game, but was much better in
the second half. Kate nowak, Shea Blande, and Kelly Brown agreed, but
also added that they also need to work on their communication skills
on the field.