Conspiracy Theories: There’s More to Everything

Conspiracy Theories: Theres More to Everything

Hunter Lejano, Journalist

Some individuals like to believe in conspiracy theories because they can help open one’s mind to a deeper, yet more creative way of thinking. Others might be driven by paranoia and often believe that the government is suppressing information that impacts society’s thoughts and actions. No matter the reasoning for why someone chooses to believe in these theories, most agree that they’re interesting enough to think about. They can range from a regular TV series predicting the future to the idea of another human race living on some other planet beyond the Milky Way. There is way more to this earth than the average person knows.

There have been many theories that the writers for The Simpsons TV series can predict the future. In an episode aired in 2013, Kobe Brayant died in a plane crash on the way to a basketball game. In 2020, Kobe and his daughter died in a plane crash similar to the one in The Simpsons. In 1993 there was an episode where oversea workers cough into a box and then sent it to the United States and the virus spread everywhere similar to how Covid-19 was spread overseas. Lastly but certainly not least, in 2002 an episode was released where civilians rioted by breaking in stores, stealing valuable electronics, setting buildings on fire, and rioting across the city. This episode is very similar to the 2020 BLM riots. So, is the Simpson Conspiracy Theory a coincidence or does the proof add up to be enough to say it could be true?

Into more abnormal theory, there’s a conspiracy theory proposing that there’s a world inside of the world. Like a russian nesting doll, there’s a smaller, yet similar figure inside of the bigger one. This smaller world is said to have lush green grass, huge vegetation, huge animals, and a sun that’s constantly at dusk/dawn. People believe one can get to this world through three ways such as caves, the North Pole and the South Pole. Everyone who visits this world is supposably very similar. Two accounts that claim they have seen this world said people were in the freezing Arctic then all of a sudden, they feel warm winds. Those people were said to have seen plentiful vegetation in the middle of a large area of ice. This world had advanced machinery, huge humans, huge trees, huge food, ect. This conspiracy theory to some is bizarre and most likey can be proven wrong with science. To others they correlate it to that movie Journey to the Center of the Earth, or how giant fossils of extinct creatures were discovered in deep caves, or how Antarctica is not flown over by planes and how well guarded it is. Even if this conspiracy theory is wrong, it still can expand an average individual’s mind.