How Do Students Feel About Returning To School?


Kaydence Osgood, Journalist

On November 9, 2020, Corona Del Mar joined the many schools opening up after months of distance learning. Since the pandemic is still spreading, schools are only able to open in a hybrid model where students alternate between distance and in-person learning. Social distancing rules and mask requirements have also been implemented. Students recently responded to a google form discussing what they liked and didn’t like about going back to school.

Most students commented about how they like getting to see their friends and meet their teachers in person. Lauren Dickinson stated that she “really missed being in the classroom and discussing with my classmates.” Mady Lubavin said, “getting to do my electives in person like choir, drama, and yearbook.” Sofia Baeza said “ being able to see my teachers and actually get to know them “ was her favorite part of going back. Getting to know other students and teachers is a key part of going to school and that was very difficult to do while on Zoom.

Like everything else, there is a positive and negative side to going back to school. Students commented on the weird schedule and people not following safety procedures. In regards to the schedule, Kevin Joynt says the worst part of going back is “not seeing everyone, and having the teacher teach two classes at once.” Since the school is split into cohorts, students are upset that their friends are in different classes. The teachers also have to teach both the in class students and the at home students, which is confusing and seems very difficult for the teachers. Maxime Fournier points out another problem students are having: “ There are tons of students that are not following health procedures and the staff are not enforcing anything.” Multiple students commented on their fears of getting COVID and the fact that some students just don’t care.

Overall students voted that they would like to stay in hybrid. With 68.9% of voters voting to stay in the hybrid model and only 31.1% voting to stay distancing learning, students clearly like being back to school despite all the issues.