Good Neighbors Club


Hunter Lejano, Journalist

Corona Del Mar has its very own Good Neighbors Club to help support The Good Neighbors company and their goals to help others. Good Neighbors is a company that raises money to defeat world hunger and give supply to those in need. President Christy Lee (junior) and Vice President Charlotte Keifer (junior) are actively in charge and currently planning future community service events and fundraisers. So far, with help from Secretary Jannae Stark (junior) and Treasurer Hunter Lejano (junior), they’ve organized a coffee fundraiser where all proceeds go to the Good Neighbors Organization. Christy Lee says that “in the future once Covid calm down, we will sell mini coffees for $5 where all profits will be donated to Good Neighbors.” The Good Neighbors Coffee fundraiser mission is to make a positive impact globally using coffee.

Due to Covid-19, the Good Neighbors club has only met online. “We’re hoping to meet all fourteen members in person now school is starting to go back,” says Lee, “ but it’s hard to maintain the club and participate in community service activities when everyone is expected to social distance.” The club has managed to have one or two club meetings through Zoom every month depending on the month. There will be future community service opportunities, and the club is looking forward to attending food drives, soup kitchens, and helping nearby churches.

Treasurer Hunter Lejano explains how this club is a good experience for students to understand the deeper reasoning behind participating in community service events. Lejano believes that “students are blinded by the luxury of their lives and often don’t think about the ones who aren’t as fortunate to receive food, school supplies, etc.” Students tend to be more appreciative after helping others in need. Lee agreed with Lejano and also illustrated other personal benefits one might achieve. Lee proposes that it’s a great opportunity to get volunteer hours and practice people skills.

The Good Neighbors club is always open for others to join and is accepting new members until March 31st, 2021. This club uses the Remind app to send updates, zoom codes, and schedules to members signed up for them. Good Neighbors club is a great way to meet new people and positively impact the environment and others in need.