Celebrities Take Action on Global Warming Crisis


Actor, Leonardo DiCaprio’s speech for action on global warming

Nika Aydin, Journalist

As it is the month of April, we celebrate Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22. Earth Day brings more awareness to what is happening to our planet as well as reminds people of what needs to be done to help the world. Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection. There have been many celebrities who have taken part in recognizing and trying to prevent global warming from worsening.

First, the Royal couple, Prince Harry and Megan Markle have made a subtle impact on climate change. They made a very specific request for the hotels they stay at to use less plastic. Additionally, they will only have two children to help protect the environment against the ‘terrifying’ effects of climate change. A decrease in birth rates lower resource intake. Prince Harry feels the importance of tackling global warming and is encouraging people to be more environmentally friendly.

The actor who was in a movie that hit an iceberg is now taking a stand in protecting the rest of the icebergs. Leonardo DiCaprio is an environmental activist. He founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation which has a mission of “helping restore balance to threatened ecosystems, ensuring the long-term health and well-being of all Earth’s inhabitants”. The foundation says it has funded over 200 projects and awarded $108,667,825 in grants. DiCaprio has also spoken about climate change to multiple organizations, forums, and even the UN. Overall, DiCaprio has shared his immense progress with the world and will continue to grow his global warming fame.

Father and son duo, Jaden and Will Smith are helping out with the large amount of plastic pollution. They launched a flavored water brand JUST Water in response to growing concern about plastic pollution. They use 100% recyclable bottles that are made from a plant-derived carton. The company claims such packaging leads to a 74% reduction in carbon emissions when compared to normal plastic bottles. Will also narrated the long documentary series about the Earth called “One Strange Rock“. Jaden has given interviews about the threats of climate change and the urgent action required. The Smiths have played their part in global warming, who knows what they will do next!

Harry Potter star Emma Watson, is a big supporter of sustainable fashion. She has partnered with ethical fashion brand, People Tree, to make clothes out of organic and upcycled materials. She enlisted in the Green Carpet Challenge, agreeing that everything she wore on the red carpet would be long-lasting/sustainable. Her dress for the most recent Met Gala was made out of recycled plastic bottles. She strives to show that fashion can be recyclable.

Although many celebrities have taken a step in protecting mother earth they are not the only ones; students on campus have as well. Mrs. Ramirez runs a beach cleanup to help prevent plastics or trash from going into the ocean. I challenge you to think smart about when you are using water. The Challenge: Score 5 points each time you perform one of these actions today: shower instead of bathe, keep the faucet off while brushing your teeth or shaving, wash your clothes only when necessary. See how many points you can get by the end of the month. Good luck!