Wellness Wednesday: Painting


Georgia Jeter and Nika Aydin

On February 26, campus members hosted an event known as “Wellness Wednesday.” Wellness Wednesday is a monthly destressing activity. It encourages students to focus on their mental health and overall wellness as an individual. As many students know, grades and tests can make the pressures of school feel immense. Wellness Wednesday was an effort to ease these stresses by bringing together different students and allowing them to showcase their painting skills.
Students gathered to paint and take their mind out of test and school mode. Freshman Emily Chanawatr said “I loved wellness Wednesday because it was a way to get out of the stress that school brings to me. I also enjoyed painting a really quick and cool mountain landscape. It was also cool to see how good my friends are at painting.” Another Freshman, Samantha Kauffman, said with a smile “I really enjoyed spending time with my friends while I painted. It was a nice way to change up my lunch schedule.”
Considering second semester is in full swing, and life can get stressful, it is important to take time for self care. While grades may seem like the end-all be-all in the moment, there is such much more to the future. Grades don’t define anyone!