Why Everyone Should Consider Studying Abroad After High School

Georgia Jeter, Journalist

As highschool students, it easy to get caught up in grades, standardized test scores, and petty highschool drama. While high school may seem like the whole world at the moment, there is so much beyond these four years. Traveling is one of the most valuable and enriching experiences of life. It teaches life lessons and skills that could never compare to sitting at a desk for seven hours. As one’s high school years progress and one begins to think about their future, it might be wise to consider a study abroad experience if given the opportunity.
Find New Interests
At the age of eighteen, it is unreasonable to assume most teenagers have a set career path in mind. Even if they have an idea, it can easily change as they are introduced to new jobs and professions during their college years. Traveling can present students with an array of new hobbies and interests. They might come to the realization that they enjoy something they never thought they could.
Learn or Practice A Language
The best way to become fluent or successful at a language is by practicing speaking it. By studying abroad, students are able to take the skills they learned in high school or college and apply them in a real life situation. There is no doubt that this kind of authentic learning is something that could never be replicated in a classroom.
Expand Career Opportunities
Most often, people who have traveled to all different parts of the globe, tend to be the ones with the most knowledge and wisdom. Traveling expands a person’s horizons and offers them a different perspective on life. In today’s competitive job industry, there is nothing wrong with adding another qualification to one’s resume. In fact, it is possible that it may help to expand one’s career opportunities and make one a more eligible candidate for a particular job position.
Personal Development 
While there are many benefits to going abroad, personal development is a very important one. Becoming more independent and street smart can lead to success in many different areas of life. According to Senior Riley Foster, traveling has helped her “broaden how {she} views the world and gives {her} an insight into different cultures.” As you immerse yourself into a different culture, you start to better discover yourself.