Trump’s Impeachment Trial: What it means and student opinions


Nika Aydin, Journalist

By now, people most likely know that President Donald Trump got impeached. But what does that mean? Will he be removed from office? Will he get re-elected?

By definition, impeachment means “the action of calling into question the integrity or validity of something” or “a charge of misconduct made against the holder of a public office.” Donald Trump was sent to an impeachment trial because he was accused of abusing his power and obstruction of power.

Some people at CdM strongly say that he should be removed from office while others disagree. Bringing up politics can be controversial so those who were asked questions wished to remain anonymous. If Trump gets removed from office, he will have more trouble getting re-elected than if he does not get removed. When a freshman was asked what she thought about the impeachment she said firmly, “I am not following the impeachment because 1) I could truly care less about the president and 2) I do not like politics and hearing people argue over such dumb things.” When a junior was asked whether he thought Trump would get removed from office or not, he said “Genuinely, I do not think he will get removed from office because there are more Republicans than Democrats in the Senate. Since Trump is a Republican, the Republican majority will probably vote for him to stay in office.” A two-thirds vote from the Senate is needed in order to remove a president from office. Lastly, when another freshman girl was asked whether she thinks Trump will get re-elected, she slowly said, “Ya…no. I do not think so, because if he does, it will not because he deserves it, it is probably because the Democratic candidates are not good enough. So basically, he will probably not get re-elected, considering his bad reputation.” No matter your political ideology, his impeachment will leave a bad mark on his career after his presidency.