HRC Happy Gram Day


Nika Aydin, Journalist

Every year the Humans Relations Council (HRC) makes happy grams during the thanksgiving season to give out to the students and teachers. Happy grams are a nice compliment-filled note specialized for every CdM student and teacher. This year the students in HRC all went to the president of HRC Michelle Kalili’s house to make them.

A few of the HRC students were asked what their favorite part of writing happy grams are and why they think happy grams are so important to make. Senior Lucy Millman replied, “I think happy grams are important because they spread positivity throughout the CdM campus!” Junior Nazli Nazemian added, “My favorite part of writing happy grams is knowing the impact they are going to have on the receiver, making them feel like an important part of the campus!” Making happy grams for the first time, freshman Yasmeen Kallel said passionately, “I was super excited at first because I knew that it would be super fun and I had a lot of ideas on how I wanted to decorate them. My favorite part was getting them done and seeing how they turned out. I cannot wait to see what people think of them!” Lastly, senior and president Michelle Kalili said “My favorite part of writing happy grams is thinking about how they can make someone’s day.” Happy grams will be given to the students on Thursday, during their third-period classes.

HRC has recognized the impact of writing happy grams and how a special note can make someone’s morning. This is why they have continued their yearly tradition of assigning a few classes for each member. Each member writes some uplifting compliments about the students and teachers. All of the HRC students took time out of their busy schedule to spend a couple of hours working on the happy grams so that they could be ready to share on Thursday. Happy grams can remind and encourage students to give a compliment to one of their peers, uplifting the Corona del Mar campus.