HRC Retreat 2019


Audrey Tumbarello and Nika Aydin

It is a weekend full of fun. Each year CdM’s Human Relations Council (HRC) goes on a bonding retreat in Big Bear California. This year it occurred in early October from the 11th to the 13th. The whole goal of the retreat is to gain a stronger bond with the new HRC family. The weekend started with a four-hour bus ride. It was full of singing, dancing, and talking. When HRC arrived they participated in multiple games and activities. Some of the activities included lip sync battles and multiple games of mafia.

Saturday morning began with a homemade breakfast. Then, they went uphill to take annual photos. After the photos, everyone head back to have lunch and then had three hours of free time. During free time they painted their thumbs and printed them on a canvas to represent the HRC family tree. Hours later, the group got back together and took part in a scavenger hunt. Junior, Will Little, said his favorite part of the retreat was the scavenger hunt because “we took a dub.” He elaborated and said that, “HRC has really made me a more caring and sensitive person.” It lasted about an hour and was located in the Big Bear Village. It was full of running, laughing, and smiles.

That night HRC students were put into groups of people they may have not known as well and picked a restaurant in the village to eat. While in the village, the students met up, got coffee, hot chocolate, and made the yearly Famdle aka the family candle. At eight o’clock they had to be back in the cabin for the friendship circle. Right before the friendship circle initiated, the Seniors went around in a circle and stated what their favorite part of HRC was and any advice they have for younger classmen. President, Michelle Kalili, said, “HRC has introduced me to so many new people, who will be lifelong friends. I have really learned a lot about myself and I love making a positive impact on campus.” The friendship circle commenced and lasted for hours. When Tony Ling, a senior at CdM, was asked about his favorite part of the retreat was he responded with, “My favorite part of the retreat is friendship circle. Friendship Circle is a valuable way for us to openly express ourselves, understand each other on a personal level, and ultimately is what really makes HRC a big family.”

On Sunday morning, some of the students took part in making breakfast. Other students began to make a sandwich assembly line for lunch. After the sack lunches were ready, HRC began to clean up and organize the hostel. After all of the chores, they played a game of Family. Family is a game where one secretly write down a celebrity, another person reads off the names once, and then the group has to guess who wrote down what person. If their assumption is correct the person that was guessed joins their “family.” Two hours later, the bus arrived and the students were headed back to CDM.