Make America Democratic Again


Anabelle Taylor, Journalist

After the results of the 2020 presidential election, local Trump supporters rallied at the intersection of Macarthur Blvd. and Pacific Coast Highway. Talking to some Trump advocates was a truly insightful experience. One man, Gary Fraizer sought to inform the community about the dangers of communism and dictatorships, leading to the loss of rights and freedoms. According to Fraizer, countries like Venezuela and Cuba were once prosperous and liberated until a malignant ruler took charge. Those rulers slowly stripped citizens of their rights until the common people were impoverished and restricted from travel abroad. Restrictions of travel and social distancing (strongly supported by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris) are already taking place within America. Frazier is exercising his right to assembly to protect his rights from being taken away. Donald Trump is his champion to protect all freedoms that Biden wants to take away such as the right to bear arms and the right to protest.

The conversation meandered into various other political topics ranging from “climate change is a hoax” and how “masks should be an individual choice.” According to Fraizer, Biden and Kamala are puppets controlled by communist China. He also shared his belief that in China, prisoners are tested for blood compatibility so that the upper class can steal vital organs. Mr. Frazier’s views of social media were predictable. He claimed that conservative views are censored while the liberal posts are left unscathed. He also claimed that the integrity of the American justice system is also being threatened by Joe Biden’s plan to ‘pack the supreme court.’ Fraizer is quick to point out that flooding the Supreme court with his own liberal appointees will eliminate the possibility of a fair court for Trump’s election lawsuits. The founding fathers gave us a system of checks and balances, and adding a new justice to suit the president’s personal agenda would be unconstitutional. Giving one politician all of the governmental power is anti-American and is the first step towards dictatorship.

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