How To Study For Finals: Tips From Seniors


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Brooklyn Hollander, Journalist

Finals can be an overwhelming and stressful part of the year. Students are asked to test their knowledge on everything they’ve learned thus far in the school year in not one, not two, but ALL of their classes. Simply figuring out how to conquer the mass of studying one has to undergo is a difficult task. Of all the students on campus, the seniors have the most experience with this, having undergone six finals periods in their high school career. Through all the practice, many seniors have picked up a few tips and tricks that help them and could help other students struggling to prepare during this time of year.

“Other than don’t procrastinate, it really helps to make a realistic study schedule and then stick to it. It’s a lot easier to review each subject little by little than all you classes at once.” -Ashley Thomas

“Take time to relax between study sessions. I find I work much better after getting lunch with friends or after a full night’s sleep than I do in cramming sessions.” -Evan Stein

“I really like to type up my own study guides on google docs. Once I do that I print them out and highlight the stuff I don’t know and go over that. Making my own study guides helps me understand the material better because it allows me to word it in a way that I understand and can memorize.” -Michelle Won

“I rewrite all the notes I took in class and study that backwards and forwards, and I use quizlet.” -Will Golan

“There are two keys to study for finals. 1) Always write in blue pen, for some reason it’s good for your memory and it works. 2) Collaborate with your friends, but ultimately do all the work by yourself.” -Nikki Pezeshkian

“The most helpful thing is to try to explain what you are studying to someone. That way, you know you fully understand it if you can explain it. It will be obvious which parts you need to study more because you won’t be able to explain them.” -Ethan Shapiro

“I study in 40 minute periods and then take a 15 minute break. After the break I continue.” -Sierra Stoilar

“Grades don’t matter. Knowledge is subjective. We are all pawns in one big game. You can’t play the system, the system plays you. So basically, just don’t stress it.” -Sam Hurwitz

“I like to study at coffee shops with a friend or two because we can keep each other productive and I get to be caffeinated!” -Jilly Senk