The Mini-College Fair of October 14th


Lucy Millman, Journalist

On October 14th at lunch, CDM hosted a college fair in the quad. The college fairs organized by Mamma Mary are a great way to learn more about the colleges one might be interested in and learn about new colleges.They also provide opportunities to meet representatives of different colleges. Mamma Mary says that “it is very important to visit the representative of the college or university when they are here on campus. They are the representatives that are going to move our students forward in the admissions process.” The representatives are there at their respective booths to answer questions, give advice, and more, which is deeply helpful to prospective students. The College fair was open to all CDM students; there were seventh graders asking questions alongside seniors grabbing information packets. At this particular college fair, there were representatives from Louisiana State University, Northland College, Rutgers University in New Brunswick, Southern Utah University, The American University of Rome, University of Arkansas, University of Boulder in Colorado, University of Delaware, University of New Mexico, University of Oregon, University of Utah, and Washington State University. Senior Whitney Padgam said that “the college fair was not only fun, but a great opportunity to learn more about a few colleges I’m interested in. I was also introduced to a couple of new schools that I did not know.” The college fair is a wonderful resource on campus and has proven to be incredibly helpful for CDM students in learning more about a variety of different colleges and universities. In addition to college fairs, there are also visits by other representatives almost every week, in which students are able to talk and ask questions in an intimate setting. There are many more college fairs and visits to come, so keep a lookout for updates in schoolloop!