Ramadan: The Month of Fasting


Photo courtesy: Getty Images

Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, began on March 22nd for Muslim students at Corona del Mar High School. The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is used as a time for Muslims to fast, as this is one of the Five Pillars Of Islam that all Muslims follow. The main objective of Ramadan is to bring Muslims closer to Allah, the only god acknowledged in the Islam religion. Fasting requires followers of Islam not to eat or drink until the sun has set. Many athletes in the most competitive sports leagues in the world fast during the holy month. With March Madness month wrapping up, the UConn men’s basketball team, which has made it to the final four, has three players fasting: Adama Sanogo, Samson Johnson, and Hassan Diarra. As they prepare to play the most meaningful game of their career, the players will not have a pre-game meal which is common among athletes. To offer some insight on what the experience entails, 9th grade CDM basketball player Ryan Parwiz discussed how “I get hungry during the day and sometimes exhausted on the court, but Ramadan is extremely important to my family and I. We will continue to persevere through each day, and I will compete to the best of my abilities. Five days a week of practice and weight training has made me stronger during this time, and I have enjoyed the challenge.” Additionally, Muslims believe that Ramadan teaches people who follow Islam to be grateful for what they have. “Ramadan has made me more aware of what many underprivileged people have to endure daily. The month has made my family and I more appreciative of the blessings in our lives and how lucky we are. The holy month is a humbling experience, and I encourage people to appreciate Ramadan,” added Fares Nofal, a 9th-grade student at CDM. With three weeks of Ramadan left Muslims will continue to fast and follow the traditions of the ninth month on the Islamic calendar.