2023-24 School Year


Photo courtesy of Dreamstime.com

As the end of the 2022 – 2023 school year is nearing, CdM students are thinking of their classes for next year. Trident TV is talking about information meetings for classes next year, and counselors are pulling students out of their English classes in order to register them for their classes for the 2023 – 2024 school year. Students are reflecting on the classes that they took this year, to see what path they would like to pursue, and which ones they should avoid. With a large variety of classes to choose from, depending on the grade level, students are also thinking about what classes feel right for them. When asked, a few CdM students shared what classes they are going to choose for the upcoming school year.


Many CdM students are very ambitious. Exemplifying this, freshman Ben Kamel is packing his schedule tight with AP world history, AP seminar, honors chemistry, and enhanced math 3. He is “most looking forward to AP world history and honors chemistry”, even though they are reportedly difficult classes. Equally ambitious, sophomore Audrey Long is gearing up for AP calculus, AP physics, and AP U.S. history. She is “excited to take the new introduction to animation class” as well. Sophomore Susie Levine is also taking popular junior year classes such as AP language and composition, AP environmental science, and the new spanish 4. Sophomore Negin Assar has also decided on AP environmental science, as well as AP psychology and AP Spanish. Like Levine, she is confident in her choice of AP environmental science as they’ve both “heard good things about the class.” Assar already feels that AP psychology will be her favorite class as she “really loved normal psychology with Mr. Reynolds last year.” Sophomore Alexis Portillo is the most excited for “AP Spanish”, as Spanish 3 is a class that she greatly enjoys this year. She likes having Ms. Ramirez as a teacher, and is excited for another year with Ramirez as her Spanish teacher.


Aside from just new subjects, many students are also excited to learn from specific teachers next school year. CdM has so many amazing teachers, and students are bound to have heard good things. Kamel hopes to have “Mr. Reyes for enhanced math 3, because [he has] heard a lot of great things about him.” Assar is also very excited to have Mr. Decker in AP psychology, “because he just seems like a cool dude.” Levine “wants to have Ms. Jones for yearbook and English”, because she likes being in her class this year so much. Good teachers can really impact their students, and it seems like next year will be no exception.


The 2022 – 2023 school year has appeared to treat students well. Having enjoyed this school year, CdM students are greatly anticipating the next one, which will give each student new and unique experiences. Assar is feeling excited for the upcoming year due to the “new, fun things to come.” Although classes are not all someone thinks of when they think about a new year, they will play a part in shaping the events that will make up the rest of the school year. The 2023 – 2024 school year seems to be promising so far, and though maybe a little daunting, many students are excited for what this new chapter will bring.