Valentine’s Day At CdM


As winter fades into spring, and the end of the school year approaches, love is in the air at CdM. Valentine’s Day spirit was seen all throughout the school on Tuesday. The halls, a sea of pink and red, were filled with eager students. A nervous energy buzzed in the air, as students stood with their friends working up the courage to talk to their crushes. Other students walked into school excited to show love to their friends instead. Whether it was handwritten valentines, pink clothing, or a generally happy disposition, CdM students definitely showed their love and appreciation for their loved ones and this holiday. Sophomore Maryann Withrow feels “it is a day for love and happiness”.


In general, when asked their opinion on Valentine’s Day, most students expressed pretty positive outlooks. Freshman Ben Shumaway enjoys the holiday, and is “always excited for it”. However, other students, such as sophomore Alexander Hoshimi, feel differently. Hoshimi doesn’t “like it at all”. In the middle, sophomore Alexis Portillo thinks the holiday “is great if you have somebody, but very lonely if you don’t”. Some students also openly prefer other holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. Portillo herself prefers “Thanksgiving, because of the food”, Hoshimi loves “Christmas”, and Withrow is “a big fan of Halloween”.


More than just enjoying the holiday, some students are also looking forward to fun Valentine’s Day plans after school. Sophomore Dania Obaidi is excited to “watch a movie with friends, and sophomore Brooklyn Adams plans “a nice picnic”. Withrow “will probably just watch a lot of rom-coms and hang out with friends”.


Overall, Valentine’s Day at CdM was an exciting day for students. Whether they were celebrating with friends, fellow students, or a special valentine, they definitely showed their love. Every student celebrated differently, and there were a variety of plans, emotions, and opinions.