Halloween Do’s and Don’ts


Photo courtesy of: History.com. Sykadelx/Getty Images

Halloween is right around the corner, and many students at Corona del Mar High School are excited. Halloween offers a unique opportunity for students to dress up in their favorite costumes, attend parties with their friends, go out and trick-or-treat, play pranks, carve pumpkins, and visit (hopefully) spooky amusement parks and haunted houses. The day offers many an excuse to eat excessive amounts of candy and express themselves in any way they want with their costumes. Some might choose a favorite sports player or celebrity; others take it to the next level, dressing up as bloody zombies, suave vampires, or even spooky clowns. Derek Curry, a 12th-grade student remarks, “I really enjoy Halloween because I get to have lots of fun with my friends and, for one night a year, feel like I live in a different world. From carving pumpkins to spooky decorations and fun costumes, this holiday brings all students together for a night of thrills and fun—I love it.”

Depending on your personal tastes, everyone likes to spend their Halloween evening differently. One ground rule that applies for all students is to be aware and responsible for themselves and others around them. Oftentimes, people become careless and make mistakes they will later regret. Brendan White, a junior believes that “Students need to stay safe, be mature, and stay aware of their surroundings.”

Beyond that general rule, there are some important rules to follow to ensure you have a safe (and fun) Halloween:

#1 – When trick or treating, make sure to always be in a group or with at least one other friend. Using the buddy system is vital because you may never know what the people around you might be up to. If people around you are being rowdy, aggressive, or not in the right state of mind for various reasons…it is best to have a person you trust with you.

#2 – Stay on sidewalks and do not run in the streets, especially if you are in a dark costume. People driving may not see you walking across the street. Worse, like any holiday, some irresponsible people may be drinking and driving—so stay in well-lighted areas and out of the way of potential oncoming cars.

#3 – Keep a fully-charged phone on you. It is very easy to get lost in the dark, especially in a neighborhood that you may not be familiar with. It is best for any individual to have a fully charged phone for communicating with their friends, family, or even 911, if necessary.

Halloween will be here before you know it; if you think ahead and do your best to stay safe, you’ll be one step closer to having a memorable and fun holiday experience.