Fashion Trends in Late 2022

Left and right: Bella Hadid wearing 90’s inspired outfits. Center: Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash in the 90’s movie Clueless. Photo courtesy of

While fashion is subjective, there are some trends that the majority take inspiration from. Trends are always being invented, dying out, and coming back. Sophomore Mallory Gamewell, president of the Behind the Look club, is on board with the current fashion trends. She has observed that people have a lot of different styles now “because everything is trending” and there is more “diversity in fashion right now.” There are many sources to get inspiration, from celebrities, models, and social media influencers to students seen in class. Senior Sabina Martin, a fashion enthusiast, has been viewing today’s fashion trends, such as the rising 90’s fashion, and she “personally love[s] that type of style.” Both Gamewell and Martin have many trend predictions, and it looks like there are high hopes for the late 2022 fashion season.
90’s fashion is one trend that has become increasingly popular. Martin states that she is recently “seeing a lot of patterned knee length skirts [and] a lot of 90’s inspiration.” Fashion such as baby tees, baggy overalls, slip dresses, and the ever-so-popular grunge style can be seen more and more, from celebrities to students roaming the halls. Gamewell, also participating in this upcoming trend, gets some of her inspiration from “Jennifer Aniston in the 90’s and Bella Hadid.”
A new season means a new set of trends. With fall upon us and winter quickly approaching, Martin predicts “a lot of puffy jackets” as well as “monochrome looks.” Seeming to be an annual occurrence, as the days get colder and skies get darker, the fashion reflects that. Even in Orange County, where the winter temperature does not manage to get past the low 60’s, students break out their puffy jackets when the Christmas season begins. Monochrome outfits are also predicted; matching the gloomy weather ahead, it is very likely students will begin wearing minimalistic clothing, resulting in the recession of the colorful style of spring and summer.
It is no secret that there are some trends that make a comeback after a couple of decades. An example of this is the resurgence of Y2K fashion in 2020. Gamewell predicts something similar will happen this year, and that “2010 fashion is coming back…in a more altered form.” Combined with some of the style from today, fashion such as the 2014 Tumblr style, bomber jackets, and skater skirts have been seen more with the rise of early 2010’s trends.
There will always be new trends, and trends dying out. They may not be for everyone, but there are trends that students can incorporate into their personal style and make it their own. As the end of 2022 nears, there are incoming trends to observe and inspire. Soon enough, 2023 will be upon us, and this season will be a fashion forecast for the new year.