Shoes of CdM


Photo of shoes at CdM. Photo courtesy of Maria Dahl.

Maria Dahl, Journalist

Corona del Mar High School has a wide variety of personalities and styles. Everybody here has a sense of style that is unique to themselves, and our shoe game is no different. The way we dress can be a creative outlet, a way to express ourselves, and even a reflection of our personalities. There are noticeable trends in the shoes that are most popular with CdM students, and these definitely change over time. Shoe trends come and go through the years as style evolves, and it’s interesting to see this at a high school level. Some current favorite shoes at CdM include platform Converse, Vejas, and our school’s classic Nike Air Force 1’s and Ugg slippers.

Converse has been a popular shoe brand for since its creation, however, the platform versions are a relatively new trend. Walking through CdM’s halls, one would see an increase in these shoes in tons of different colors. A new spin on the classic shoe, these platforms also add height and comfort to any outfit. Sophomore Eden Clark, who owns a pair of the coveted pink platforms, thinks the shoes are “really cute”. While the “pink Converse are definitely [her] favorite”, she feels that the more neutral colors “can [be worn] with many more different outfits.”

Vejas is originally a French footwear brand that came to popularity last year. The chic and simple design is mostly black and white, but there are other more colorful options. While not as popular as some of these other shoes, the trendy design and simple look make the brand perfect for students.

Nike Air Force 1’s, a staple of CdM fashion, have been this way for a while now. Sophomore Lorelei Everheart explains that the shoe’s “comfort” and how they are “easy to pair with any outfit” make it her favorite. The timeless look, paired with a hint of athleticism makes the shoe extremely versatile, and ideal for a long school day.

Finally one of our school’s most comfortable shoe trends, Ugg slippers, are bound to make appearances in classrooms indefinitely. The slippers give students an element of comfort and relaxation.

Overall, the shoes of CdM are reflections of the vast range of style, but also show noticeable trends and patterns. Just looking down when walking through the hallway from class to class can tell a lot about a person (and give a little glimpse into their personalities.)