A Reflection on a New Year at Corona Del Mar


Photo Courtesy: From left to write: Kamran Sohrab, David Zheng, Aarav Grover, and Miles Kuo. Seniors photo courtesy of Corona Del Mar High School ASB.

The 2023 school year at Corona Del Mar High School has started off as a great year. With coronavirus restrictions and cases fading into the past, school life has returned back to normal for many students. From freshmen getting acclimated to their new responsibilities to seniors treasuring one last year with the students and teachers they have created bonds with, many students look forward to a great year of school.

Many Freshman students have found hobbies, passions, and friends in this community. “School has been great so far. I have made many friends and enjoy the football team with my coaches and teammates,” says Landon Rucker, a new freshman. “There’s a lot to figure out, but it’s also exciting to have the chance to explore all these sports and opportunities the school offers.”

For seniors, their final year of high school is bittersweet as they will soon leave Corona Del Mar to begin a new chapter of their lives. Many of them have shared the same community for their entire adolescence; CDM has been a place that many have called home and students will miss the community dearly. Aarav Grover, a student-athlete, who enjoys biology reflects, “With this being my last year at CDM, I look forward to one more year of growth and development academically, with my basketball teammates, and fellow musicians in drumline and orchestra. I will miss all my peers with whom I have formed close friendships, and made incredible memories during my time at this school.”

This upcoming year presents many opportunities for students to create lasting memories and find their spark. Whether you decide to take the plunge and try out for sports, embrace your inner creativity and get involved in music, art, or theater, or throw on a lab jacket and build a robot, you have a wealth of options available. Likewise, as you navigate hallways and classes, you’ll continue to develop the bonds you share with your fellow students and staff. Regardless of what year you are, this new year brings a new opportunity for us all to have a successful year through our shared efforts as students in our Corona Del Mar school community.