Spring Music Necessities: Tunes for Spring and Pre-Summer


Britta Wolker, Journalist

When spring comes to a close, it only means that the desperation for summer to arrive becomes stronger and stronger. How dare the weather be so nice and welcoming while students must still wake up at 7 am wishing they were one step closer to resting in the hot sand of a Hawaiian Beach, burning their skin from lack of sunscreen reapplication. When the time finally comes, music will be blasting from sand-clogged earphones, the sunroof of the oldest friend in the group, or next to the vanity of a teenager getting ready for a day out.


Dance in Room Song by Sipper screams summertime fun in a way that makes a product that was most likely made with basement acoustics and Garageband effects sound like something straight out of a romantic teen movie in 2014 —full of life, angst, and as the album title appropriately depicts, a tune straight from a collection of “Pink Songs.” Lousy drum beats coupled with a singer that holds his mouth too close to the microphone screams ‘I don’t care, let me listen to this in peace.’


The first eleven seconds of Keep Moving by Jungle shouldn’t fool you into thinking the song is part of a horror movie playlist. At the twelfth second, the song immediately pumps extremely upbeat energy similar to that of artists such as Niki & The Dove and DRAMA. The chorus is quick, energetic, and high-pitched. The rhythm mimics the feeling of running up a steep hill with all gas no breaks. Junior Harmony Calata mentions that she likes the sound of Keep Moving because “it reminds me of a song they would stick in a happy commercial.”


Brazil by Declan McKenna never tires out as an overplayed summer song. McKenna’s voice is a somber/ soft one in which he seems to squeeze every ounce of passion to keep up with a song that is energetic and quick in the chorus. “With six cars and a grizzly bear,” this song matches the wild and adventurous teen spirit perfectly. The guitar instrumentation in this song really shines through, with melodic riffs bouncing in and out of the duration of the song. Seven years later and it never gets old. Junior Sophia Berzonetti emphasizes how this song “is just so summer-y, I can’t wait until summer. I just can’t.”


N Slide by Steve Lacy slumps listeners into a lazy fit that makes staring at the ceiling the best afternoon plan possible. Guitar combines perfectly with the usage of drums and an eerie synthesizer beep. N Slide is a lullaby for teens who want to fall asleep to indie versus classic music. The song paints a palette of green, psychedelic orange, and mellow yellow.