Arbor Day


Photo courtesy of: Summer Perry

Summer Perry, Journalist

With shovels in hand and positive attitudes to go around, CdM Interact, the Newport-Irvine Rotary Club, Boy Scouts, Rotary, and Rotaract all came out on Saturday, April 30th, 2022 to plant shrubs and trees in honor of Arbor Day. Considering that it was the 150th anniversary of Arbor day it was especially significant. Arbor Day is an important holiday that looks to encourage people to plant trees and make them realize the incredibly positive impact they have on the environment. On this specific Arbor Day, the Newport-Irvine Rotary Club decided that Arroyo Park needed more shrubs and trees in the back section of the park to complement the environment.

One of the many coordinators of the event Nicolet Araujo proudly expressed that “all of the plants [that were] planted are indigenous to California and [they] are replacing plants that were not indigenous and had died because people dropped seeds.” Making this change was a very thoughtful idea for the Newport-Irvine community which is why big thanks are in motion to the Newport Irvine Rotary Club who did an amazing job putting the event together! Araujo also pointed out that all the plants “were donated by Shadetree nursery who worked with Newport Parks and Recreation to identify only indigenous plants to Southern California.”

Kyra Gregory, a Junior here at CdM who is a member of CdM Interact and attended the Arbor Day event explained that the event had a “great turnout and [she thinks that they] accomplished [their] goal and it looked like all the plants were now safe in their new homes.” Despite overhearing the coordinators’ concerns about not having enough volunteers, Kyra was eager to find that over 40 volunteers had attended. With so many volunteers, 200 trees and shrubs were planted in under 2 hours.

Go check out the beautiful assortment of shrubs and trees down at Arroyo Park to see them thrive in their new home!