The SRC’s the Place to be


Photo courtessy Anabelle Taylor

Despite what some may think, the Student Resource Center- the room in the middle of the 200 building- is more than just a passageway to the LRC. The lesser-known SRC is a separate entity entirely that is trying to make more of a name for itself. Zaha Becerra, the Library Media Tech, and Sheila Doyle, the Librarian, shared that this has been a work in progress for six years.


It has been an extensive process starting with an extensive evaluation of the books and resources that CdM. There were several gaps in the series and outdated books that needed to be replaced with newer volumes. These new books would need to be reflective of the CdM community as a whole so as to attract new readers. When describing her vision for the new SRC, Ms. Doyle imagined, “a diverse library collection that had larger representations of different ethnicities and sexualities.” They want a new library not just with current publications, but a different system entirely. As an example of this new forward-thinking, the SRC has started sorting books by genre. No longer will stressed out students struggle to navigate the Dewey Decimal system. Instead, they will be able to have easier access to books and be able to find similar books that they might like, therefore expanding literacy on campus. Ms. Doyle hopes this will, “promote more independence and individuality on campus.”


So far, the genres that are available are Romance, Mystery/ Thriller, Science Fiction,

Fantasy, and Dystopian Fiction. These chosen genres and the books within were all acquired based on student input which is a true testament to the overarching goal of the new SRC- to become more integrated with student life and to provide any and all resources students might need or want. Ms. Doyle confirmed, “Really, we are here for you.” So, if a student finds themselves lost while researching a project, or in need of a new textbook, or helplessly bored to the point of reading, the SRC’s the place to be.