Winter Formal Spirit Days


Angelina Jia, Journalist

This year for winter formal, CdM’s ASB committee put on a spirit week to get students excited for the dance. They advertised the days with a video on Trident TV describing the week and giving examples of how students can participate in each of the days. On Wednesday students were encouraged to dress monochrome, meaning all the same color. This was a great opportunity for those in the student body who love to put fun outfits together. On Thursday, CdM students were invited to wear their pajamas to school, not that many do not do that already, and on Friday it was “anything but a backpack” day.

The monochrome outfits were, unfortunately, few and far between, but some students tried their best, with many taking on the all-black look. Participation in the monochrome spirit day was hard for many students though since most people did not want to go out and buy anything for it or put too much effort into putting an outfit together. Students who did happen to have a look for the day did a great job though.

Seeing as many students wear their comfort clothes to school already, there was a larger amount of participation on Thursday, whether it was intentional or not. Students could be seen in classic plaid pajama bottoms and cozy long-sleeves all throughout campus. The girls’ soccer pink out day was also on Thursday, so some students chose to support the team and wear pink instead of pajamas.

Friday’s spirit day was much anticipated since students were excited to see what people would bring instead of backpacks to carry their stuff. Junior Liv Sandoval describes how she remembers the day, “Although I did not participate in it because I only saw it on Trident TV like the day of, I really enjoyed “everything but a backpack day,” especially because Emily Valentine carried around the cutest little basket with her phone, a Christmas gift, gum, and that’s pretty much it.” Another student, senior Ivy Hollander said, “Anything but a backpack day was really interesting because it was cool to see the creative ideas people came up with.” She enjoyed seeing Emmett Eilers with a suitcase and Pierce Hemphill with a wagon.