2021 SS CIF Football Prelims and a Player’s Insight


Britta Wolker, Journalist

The intensity surrounding high school football in America is momentous. It is the thrill of the youth’s cause to attend Friday night Football games and yell from the stands and spark conversation over loud music. The declaration of the referee’s whistle and the commentator’s voice becoming more fatigued as the night goes on. By this point, Corona del Mar’s fantastic season had come to an end, but not before battling their hardest game of the season against Orange Lutheran with a score of 14 to 38. In terms of the result, nothing would defeat the glory felt purely from their hearts: of playing with a white-stitched brown football and their brothers.


The game at Davidson field was a nervous one. Several interceptions by CdM were narrowly caught while Orange Lutheran brought their strongest linebackers to create a defensive blockade on every single kickoff. Notable mentions include a pass from David Rasor to Max Lane that scored the first touchdown of the game. John Tipton made several impressive runs that went up as high as 30 yards. Charlie Mannon also had some incredible runs.


CdM had known prelims against Orange Lutheran would be difficult, but that had never allowed them to let down their guard against some of the toughest teams. Junior Evan Sanders reports on some of his most memorable highlights starting with the previous game. “Nobody thought we could beat Warren and we came back. Also Harbor. That was a big one. By half-time people were down on us, but we came back and won that one too. It’s always when we’re considered the underdogs or that we’re going to lose when we do our best.”


Nostalgia might describe the season’s last game the most —especially from the friendships created with all of the seniors. What Sanders loves most about his seniors is that, well, he loves them all. “The time we spent together at every practice. It’s every day I’m with them. Saturdays and Sundays too. We’re always around each other.” Sanders heads back to receive his congratulations. The field stands surrounded by the looming fog and parents with their hands tucked behind their backs, letting their kids hug their teammates tight for one last time this year. Sanders states his one-liner for what he ultimately hopes to find afterward with certainty to hunt for “next season.”