Apple Event – Mac Dropped on Tuesday the 26th of October


Mo Alrabiah, Journalist

Apple is known for its new device announcements, every year, the iPhone, iPad, or MacBook is better than the last. This year’s event, which was on October 18th, Apple announced a new Apple music subscription “Apple Music Voice”, AirPod 3, Homepod Mini, and the new M1 pro and M1 Max chips that have extreme power.


Usually, the Macbook pros come in two sizes, the 13 and 16 inch. The laptops used to be too small, or too big. This year’s Macbook came in a 14 and 16. The 14 inch Mac is a perfect size, you can use it to work on the go, or if you’re watching a show at home. The size isn’t the only big change, the new Macs have the super-powered M1 pro and M1 Max chips that take power to the extreme. The M1 pro has up to a 10 core CPU, 16 core GPU, 32 GB of unified memory/ram, and up to 200GB/’s memory bandwidth. While the M1 Max has up to a 10 core CPU, 32 core GPU, 64GB of unified memory/ram, and up to 400GB/’s of memory bandwidth.  “The M1 Pro and M1 Max allow pros to do things they never could before” – Apple. These new Macbook Pros are going to change the world of editing, whether it comes to videos or photos. Prices starting at $1999


The AirPod 3’s were not really changed other than the design, and that you can buy it with a free case engraving online. Their new design is a Q-Tip-looking stem, a little longer than the AirPod Pros and shorter than the original AirPods. The new design makes it open to more ears with different sizes and shapes, so that you don’t have to pay for new tips. Priced at $179


Apple didn’t change anything in the technicalities of the Homepod Mini other than the new colors. Apple introduced new fun and bold colors to its lineup, somewhat as they did with the iMacs earlier this year. These new colors are blue, yellow, and orange. $99


Apple music voice is Apple’s way of catching up to Amazon ‘Alexa’, a $5 monthly subscription that is designed exclusively for Siri. All it is is Apple Music but with Siri, they added “hundreds” of new playlists for different moods and activities, trying to catch up with Spotify and Amazon Music.


And that sums up Apple’s 49-minute event, Apple is yet to talk about when the new MacOS will be launched, though it will probably be when the new Macbooks drop on Tuesday, October 26th.