High School Sports


Emma Joyce, Journalist

As of Monday of last week, tennis became one of the few high school sports to begin their season. Their fall season was postponed to the spring due to COVID-19. However, because it is an outdoor sport with a very little amount of contact,
The California Department of Health released its case numbers on February 23rd, allowing counties to adjust their high school sports regulations based on their case numbers. Orange County was one of the few places to reach the threshold, with a daily case rate of 20.7, allowing outdoor sports to start up.
The news to start sports seasons again was highly anticipated by the CdM girls tennis team. After over a year since their last match, they missed the team friendships, regular practices, and competition that they once had been a part of. Their first week in season had a packed schedule, with three days of matches. On Tuesday, they played Woodbridge and won 11 to 7. Wednesday was Portola, and the Sea Queens took the win 13 to 5. Lastly, on Thursday, CdM played Beckman and won 13 to 5.
Even though the girls were ready to get back to a semi-normal tennis season, the games looked much different than what they used to be. Their matches used to include friends and families on the sidelines showing support. This year, spectators are not allowed, and masks are required at all times. However, despite the recent changes, the Sea Queens are happy to be back to somewhat normalcy.
Senior Reece Kenerson stated, “I have been so excited to start our season and I’ve been waiting for so long! I think it came so much later than any of us expected, but I’m just happy to have a season at all, especially because this is my last one at CdM. I won all my matches and had fun playing with my partner, Tori. I think the only thing that was a little disappointing was the fact that no spectators were allowed. I wish my friends and parents could come watch since this is our senior season, but I’m glad we’re back even if it looks a little different.