From the GG Report: Anti-Resolutions and More!

From the GG Report: Anti-Resolutions and More!

Gossip Girl XOXO, Journalist

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the lives of CdM’s very own elite. As our prolonged winter break comes to an end, dust off your jeans and comb your hair; school is starting, and no one wants to see your greasy ends. (Surprised by this last tidbit of information? I thought so. Unfortunately, we live in a world where fancy school board district title does not equal quick decision making or steady communication to the populace, and certainly does not guarantee civil behavior during meetings.)

Since we’ve given those 2021 resolutions and anti-resolutions a chance to ruminate in our minds, and then be blown off in favor of Netflix and bubble baths (including macarons, thank you very much), I thought today would be a great opportunity to draw up a list of resolutions as a not-so-friendly reminder that those less-than-coveted habits (and those calories!) won’t lose themselves.

Perhaps it would be prudent of me to start of by saying that we are living in pandemic times, and that means to please keep far enough away from people and refrain from dispensing with the hugs (hugs, ugh, how American. Alas, double cheek kisses are also unacceptable at this time.) Furthermore, since we are also in a time of national division, it would do the world a wealth of good to do what kindergarteners do best (for clarification, this means, “be nice to people,” not “scream and throw a tantrum if your mom forbids you from having more animal crackers.”)

Otherwise, I am here to kindly inform you that intellect is not automatically cultivated, and that it must be honed by many, many readings of Austen, Shakespeare, Wharton, and Proust. Nor is style.

In other news, as we prepare to return to school starting tomorrow, a huge shoutout to those taking the PSAT on Tuesday, and who have likely sacrificed many parties to study (just kidding – they’re nerds, and parties fall under the category of do not do, right alongside cheek kisses.) Also, take care to crane your neck to the right as you drive in to school and note the very blue track that we are now displaying! Whoever designed that clearly did not read up on Pantone’s color of the year.

You know you love me.


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