Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide


Nika Aydin, Journalist

Tip number 1 – amazon prime is very helpful

Tip number 2 – ask the person what they want

Tip number 3 – find something they are interested in and look it up because most likely there will be merchandise for it

Tip number 4 – if they take too long to respond just get them a soft blanket, a fashion island/visa gift card, and/or write them a note

Tip number 5 – Wrap the gift with colorful wrapping paper or bag the gift with holiday-colored tissue paper

Tip number 6 – If there is no wrapping paper use parchment paper and tie with a cute ribbon

Tip number 7 – write a thoughtful note and stick it in the bag or on top of the wrapping paper


For your sister:

A nice smelling scented candle or more of the perfume she has, fuzzy socks, and/or a gift card. Freshman, Ava Manly said with a smile on her face, “I usually write a note with compliments about them and why I am grateful/appreciative of them. I then color the front of the card with a Christmas-like theme. The gift I usually give is fluffy socks or a blanket and chocolate or a sugarfina candy box.”

For your brother:

Ask him what he wants and if he does not respond then you can write him a note about why your grateful that he is your brother and get him a gift card.

For your parents:

Write a note because they only get appreciated twice a year and they do a lot for their kids. Also if you do not want to spend money you can write a few small slips of paper that say “free 5-minute massage!”

For your grandparents:

An appreciative note and a handmade gift. (ie. a drawing/painting something they enjoy)

For a cousin/relative:

A gift card to their favorite store, some fuzzy socks, and/or a gift card.

Freshman Sophia Berzonetti says, “My favorite last-minute gift to give is a gift card because then the person can choose what they want from the store.”

For your best friend:

Get him/or her something you think they would like. (ie. a funny card or a gift that has a memory behind it)

For a Secret Santa:

Get them what they asked for. If they did not write anything down get them a soft blanket, any type of candy, and write a thoughtful card.