Annual Kickball Game


Chloe Nishanian, Journalist

November 19th, the annual kickball game took place. The game consisted of a grey and blue team and it started by the grey team winning the first point of the game. They continued to rack up points and made up three, and then they had to switch. Blue started off strong with Arshum getting up two plates. Arshum made it back to home plate with McCoy waiting right behind him at the 3rd. Blue made five points that round, then grey goes back to kicking again. Quinn started with a formidable kick and runs two of the four plates. Grey gains two points. Blue and grey switch again, and Kyle kicks the ball and runs to first plate. Next comes Wyatt who kicks, and eagerly waits at the first plate for his next chance to move! Blue now cover half of the plates and they make two points. 

Zeeke from grey team gets ready to kick the ball head on! With a powerful kick he makes it to second plate. Kicks pass by, and they make 3 points. Arshum kicks the ball high up into the air, but it’s caught by the blue team with an astounding out to let them into the kicking! Blue team holds a crushing 14 points to grey’s 4. Collin from grey team kicks the ball and is lucky to have it just slip out of the blue team defenders grasp! Collin makes it back to home plate and scores a point for the team! 

Next from grey comes Julia, who kicks and hurries to first plate. With a player at each plate, they hastily await their four points to rack up. With another kick, Quinn makes a run to home plate and makes it! Grey team makes a comeback and rises up to eleven points! Dylan starts off the 3rd round by getting to first plate! Wyatt kicks after him and now covers two plates. With McCoy’s kick, he makes two plates and lets Dylan make it home! Patrick heads to the home plate to kick off, ready to return soon. He hits out of bounds but makes a comeback by getting to first plate with Kyle scoring another point for blue. Zeeke kicks strong and makes it to first plate.

However soon with two outs, the game comes to an end with their final third blow.

The game ends with a crushing victory of 23-11 by blue. McCoy from blue team, also our announcer, proudly announces blue team to be the victor. At the end, when all the photos have been taken, they all still part as friends and are ready to head home after a long and fun game.