Fall State 2019


Anabelle Taylor, Journalist

Corona del Mar high school and middle school offers a wide variety of fun and academic clubs available on campus. One of these is Speech and Debate. Speech and Debate is run by highschool teacher Ms. Mayberry as well as a student board. The club also has a plethora of participants ranging from 7th graders to 12th graders.

This organization has a meeting every Tuesday from 7-8pm. Aside from meetings, they also participate in JSA events. November 23-24 was the first JSA event of the year, Fall State. Freshmen Mariam was one attendant and she said “It was really fun”. Fall State consists of lots of prompts, which students can sign up for online. While signing up, students choose pro or con and then prepare their speech. 

JSA also hosts thought talks which are student-led discussions on pressing issues or questions.  These activities don’t have the formal structure of a debate, so it allows students to explore issues in-depth in a less stressful setting.  A moderator guides the speakers by posing questions and offering facts about the topic. Students have equal opportunity to express their thoughts and let their comments take the discussion in many different directions.  No speakers are chosen for thought talks and no awards are given. This pressure-free atmosphere helps students gain confidence in their public speaking skills.

According to Ms. Mayberry, 75-80 people came to Fall State and there were eight winners from Corona del Mar. Her favorite debate was resolution to raise the minimum wage in the United States of America. Mayberry commented saying “Both speakers were really passionate, and I think we did a really good job”. Something that surprised many spectators (including Ms. Mayberry), was that some of Corona del Mar’s middle schoolers beat the opposing team’s high schoolers. Lastly when asked “Do you think the event was a success? Was there anything you would like to improve in the future JSA tournaments?”, Mayberry responded, saying “Yes, it was a success. Although, I would like to see more main speakers sign up”.

All Seakings did wonderfully at the competition, and congratulations to all the winners!