Are School Lunches a Problem?


Polina Barilo, Journalist

There have been numerous complaints about the school lunch food. Some simply dislike what is being offered, while others argue about the quality of the food. However, many students still gather at the lunch line everyday at school. Is it because they don’t have time in the morning to pack food from home? Is it because they don’t have any food at home in general that they could bring to school? Or is the food simply not that bad and worth buying?

To get information on school lunch from students who regularly buy it, students standing in the lunch line were interviewed, with the majority of those students being middle schoolers. From those surveyed, it was found that 88% of kids claimed that out of the food options provided, there is always one that they like. The school always makes sure to prepare many options so that they can meet individual food preferences. Based on the survey, most kids are satisfied with what is being offered. Additionally, 85.7% of the kids surveyed claimed they had no issue with the quality of the food. Students agree that lunch food is not the best quality they have ever eaten, but the food is adequate for school.

So, is there nothing to complain about? Well, not exactly. It was found that 51% of students surveyed who buy school lunch are bothered by the long line. A positive perspective about the lunch line from an eighth grader was that “The line gives you time to talk with your friends”. On the pessimistic side, however, a sophomore commented, saying “I don’t eat breakfast and my class is far from the line, so when I come I always have to wait like ten minutes before I get my food and I’m already starving. Also, lunch is only thirty minutes and ten are already wasted on waiting in line”. However, the long line is unavoidable, because our school only has two cashiers to check out the food to. Additionally, there was another problem brought up by an eighth grader who noted that “there are some people who always cut in front of the line”. This issue should be addressed by faculty members, because it is unfair to those who patiently wait for their turn at the back of the line.

Overall, based on the sample survey, school lunch does not seem to be a huge problem. Although most people would agree that school lunch is not the best food they have eaten in their lives, it’s not horrible. The staff provides the student with some choices, and most kids tend to find a dish that they like. Additionally, waiting in lines is an inevitable part of a person’s daily life, even in school. So students should look at it positively and get accustomed to waiting patiently. In general, the school is managing to please the majority of students.