Shadows: A Poem by Sonia Agarwal

Sonia Agarwal

Not everything can be fixed
With a simple incantation
Maybe more is required
Than just imagination


Or maybe it’s what can’t be fixed
That’s the problem here
Maybe its the little girl
Who is ruled by fear


Her scars are on her heart
They are not less real
It doesn’t make her wounds
Easier to heal


It doesn’t make the pain
Easier to voice
But maybe one day
It won’t be a choice


Maybe one day
She’ll get out of bed
And realize
She’s been mislead


It was her own voice
That led her astray
Out of big dreams
And into the fray


Into losing
All her self-worth
And so soon after
Dissolved her mirth


When you reach rock bottom
Down in the canyon
You meet your shadow
A constant companion


Maybe instead
Of keeping you down
It will assist
And turn you around