13 Reasons Why: Season Three is Coming


Audrey Tumbarello, Journalist

The teen drama has already released two seasons. Having negative and positive feedback, in 2018 they decided to make a season three. West Sonoma County Union High School District approved of  Season three and it is said to be released sometime this year. There is no specific date, but they are predicting in July will be the release date. This season is supposed to focus on the characters rather than new tapes. It is expected that all characters will return. Hannah Baker may return it just depends on the writers. It is said by some that she has confirmed that she will not be back, but that may not be true. There is a whole life Hannah had that was not told, according to DigitalSpy, and the website thinks that this will be told in Season three. They also think that season three will revolve around the revelation that Bryce’s girlfriend Chloe is pregnant. On IMB there is no shows up yet, but the episodes are up. There is a summary of the first two episodes in the season. For example, the first episode says, “As Tyler struggles to deal with recent actions, Bryce has transferred to a new-school. Chloe resists from telling her family about her pregnancy. Justin, Jessica, Alex, Tony, and Zach all go to great lengths to rightfully prove Clay innocent. Tyler starts plotting revenge against Montgomery.” The rest of the summaries are said to come soon. According to IMB there is going to be thirteen episodes. Thirteen Reasons Why social media has been sending teasers of the new season. The social media account posts regularly about the actors and their progress for season three.

This new season is one to look out for. It is going to be different from the first two seasons. Hopefully it will receive better reviews than the last season.