End of the Year Rally 2019


Ivy Hollander, Journalist

On Friday, June 7, ASB put together the final rally of the year. They came up with the theme the 2000’s. In the beginning of the rally, all of the high school students started pouring in to the big gym. Some of the High School ASB students were handing out silly bands to every student, keeping to the theme of the 2000’s. As the students walked in, music played throughout the gym. All around the gym, there were posters referring to Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and Youtube Rewind.

Once everyone took their seats along the stands, the intro video to the rally began. After the video, Sophia Newton, Tristan Neal, and Johnny Lujan came onto the center stage of the gym. Later, the CdM Song and Cheer team came on to do a performance. All of the students and teachers in the crowd cheered them on. The next group to perform was the Sparkle team. Everyone enjoyed watching their dance so much!

The rally commissioners next introduced choir. They sang the acapella version of “Some Nights” by Fun. Then, orchesis performed their final dance of the year. They danced to songs like “Gold Digger” by Kanye West and “M.A.A.d city” by Kendrick Lamar. At the end of their dance, the two orchesis seniors stood standing while the other members sat down to recognize them. For the end of the rally, Tati Bruening made her last video for CdM that remembered all of the senior’s time at CdM. The video went all the way back to when the students were in the middle school. It featured some of the colleges that the students were dedicated to. After the video was shown, each class did a class cheer of screaming loud. The rally was then over and the students were dismissed.